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How old does my child need to be to begin playing hockey?

    Players who are four years of age and older are welcome to begin playing association hockey.  We have a LEARN TO PLAY program (Dog Pound Cross-Ice) that is designed to teach the fundamentals of the game of hockey.  Players of any age division are encouraged to utilize this program, however, new players at the Pee Wee, Bantam, and Midget levels where body contact & checking are introduced, may be required to attend additional clinics and camps for player safety and well-being which are paramount to our program. 

Where can I find registration information?

    Visit our REGISTRATION tab on the website.

I have tried and can’t figure out how to register … who can help me?

    Visit our REGISTRATION tab on the website or contact our hockey & coaching director, Jordan Steger at 



Travel teams are self-managed and set their payment schedule. Total cost varies on the number of players, amount of practice ice, tournaments, and other extras they decide to include:  coaching fees, locker rooms, etc.

What fundraising opportunities are there to help with the costs?

    There are several fundraising opportunities throughout the season and summer. Various fundraising will benefit the entire organization, a particular team, or an individual player. All fundraising efforts must be approved by the HHA board. Our biggest is the Annual Fundraiser, which has typically been a golf outing in August. Opportunities are communicated to members via email, website, and through your team manager. We currently offer the SCRIPS program for year-round individual fundraising. It is a program in which you purchase gift cards through Scrip and receive a rebate. You can save money on your ice bill by simply doing what you already do ... shop!  With a little planning, you can save big $ and your savings are directly applied to your ice bill. Information is available on the Fundraising page. If you have further questions, contact our SCRIP coordinator for more information.

Ice Dogs Scrip Coordinator:
Contact E-mail:

Contact Phone #:  616-638-2159

Ice Dogs  Enrollment #:  2431C49841239   

Enroll Now:

How old are skaters at each division level?

The program at HHA adheres to the USA Hockey Player levels.  The below age classifications are set to the calendar
year: Jan 1 - Dec. 31st of any given year.   Please see below
the different divisions we currently offer our players:

Dog Pound Cross-Ice / Learn to Play: 

An instructional program for our NEW over 4-year-old players who have never played hockey.  Players of any age are welcome to join this program!


An instructional cross-ice league for our skaters ages 7 and 8 (8U), taking part in practices and game situations (commonly referred to as Jamborees) utilizing cross-ice or half-ice.


An instructional league for our skaters 9 and 10 (10U), taking part in practices and game situations. Travel divisions may be available.

Pee Wee: 

An instructional league for our skaters aged 11 and 12 (12U) taking part in practices and game situations. Travel divisions may be available.


An instructional league for our skaters aged 13 and 14 (14U) taking part in practices and game situations. Travel divisions may be available.


An instructional league for our skaters 18 and under, taking part in practices and game situations.  This division is unique because it offers two different divisions within one classification: 

Midget Minor

consists of players 16 and under.

Midget Major

is for those players under 18 years of age or under. 

Travel divisions may be available.


A player can never "play down" a level. For example, a ten-year-old cannot play as a Mite.  However, a player can "play up" a level, such as an eight-year-old playing as a Squirt. The decision to play a child "up" should be taken seriously. Parents are strongly encouraged to discuss this with their child's coach, as
well as the HHA Hockey Director. Coaches are expected to provide parents with honest feedback regarding a child's
performance and skill set. Player safety and well-being are

What options are available for girls?

    All of the Ice Dog teams are Co-Ed. We welcome and
    encourage girls to join our organization. Separate locker
    room facilities are available.
            *At this time, the HHA does not yet have
             girls-exclusive hockey ‚Äčteams.

How can I as a parent enhance my experience this season?

    There are many ways to help enhance your experience as a
    hockey parent. For instance, you can learn more about
    the HHA by visiting and exploring our website. This is
    intended to give insight into the why and how of the HHA.
    You can find instructions about the game of hockey itself by
    checking out the NEW TO HOCKEY & HOCKEY TUTORIALS
    portions of our website.  You can further your knowledge of
    hockey by surfing the USA Hockey website to get more
    information on the parts of hockey that interest you. You
    are welcome to get involved in helping on your team. There
    are all kinds of things that need to be done to make our
    teams run smoothly, some of which require a hockey
    background but many others do not.  In fact,
    ask your team manager what you can do to help your team
    today. You are encouraged to attend board meetings and
    volunteer to help at the association level. Many hands make
    light work. Finally, hockey is a type of sport where you
    spend hours and hours with a group of players & parents.
    Many feel like the rink is their second home. So, please
    introduce yourself because we’d love to get to know you!
    Welcome to the family!

SportsEngine / NGIN Account??? What is that?

    Our association uses the SportsEngine platform as a way for
    coaches, families, and players to stay connected by
    managing every aspect of their organization through the
    website and mobile app. All players MUST create a
    SportsEngine account to register for a team. Players &
    parents are encouraged to download the SportsEngine
    mobile app to receive information on:  team schedule,
    roster, team standings, messages, stats, photos, etc.

Is hockey equipment available and how do I get it?

    Donated hockey equipment may be available upon request.
    The equipment donation program was started in 2016 to
    assist in the Try Hockey for Free events and as a way for new
    skaters who wish to borrow equipment (on a temporary
    basis) before they decide to join the sport full time. 

Where can I find a practice and game schedule?

    Visit the TEAM page on our website or use the SportsEngine 
    mobile app and find your team in the favorites section &
    add to your mobile account. 

When will the season start and end?

    Our seasons run from September to March.  Furthermore, 
    there may be an additional Spring Hockey Season for certain
    divisions which typically runs through April. 

Is there ice in the summer?

    Yes!  If you are registered for the fall season with an Ice Dog
    team, there may be summer practice sessions held by your
    coaching staff, which you are encouraged to attend.  Plus,
    Griff’s IceHouse West offers a variety of skating options &
    programs during the off season. 

What do the designations HOUSE, A, AA, and AAA mean?

    At each youth hockey age group, there are three commonly
    referenced distinct classifications: HOUSE, A/AA and AAA.

    HOUSE(B) is a recreational level with the following

  • No tryouts
  • Everyone plays
  • Teams are formed by drafts

      TRAVEL is a competitive level where:

  • Teams that are limited to the number of second year
    players on a team according to the MAHA formula A
    or AA (Tier 2).
  • Teams are formed by tryouts

       A – Team comprised of first year players only (i.e. 
       Each division is comprised of two years of players. If team         is Bantam A, the team is only comprised of first 
       year players, age 13.)

       AA – Team comprised of both first and second year players

       AAA (Tier 1) is a competitive level where:

  • This is the top level of play
  • Teams are formed by tryouts
  • Teams comprised of both first and second year players

    NOTE:  USA Hockey does not recognize letter designations 
    for any level of play.

What is the fee schedule for travel programs?

    Travel teams are self-managed and set their own payment 
    schedule. They pay association dues but otherwise are self
    sufficient. Total cost varies on the number of players,
    amount of practice ice, tournaments, and other extras they
    decide to include:  Coaching fees, locker rooms, etc.

What is the average ice time each week for each division (house & travel)?  

    Ice times are dependent of the number of teams per
    division, per season.  But on average is it is 2-3 hours per
    week depending on the age division.

How do I find my USA hockey number?

    You can access the link directly at:
and click on the link to the left that is highlighted in 
    the ICE PLAYERS and COACHES tab.

Will I need to travel to play hockey?

    The goal of the HHA is to provide an environment and 
    opportunity for kids of all skill levels to best develop their
    hockey skills.  Travel to area rinks is common for Mite
    Jamborees as well as House Team divisions.  Travel for Travel
    Team divisions is determined by the coaching staff. 

Where can I get skates sharpened and how often do I need to do this?

    Skate sharpening is offered at the rink pro shop, SK8. 
    Sharpening every few weeks is recommended, however
    depending on age, preference, skill level, and hours used, it
    may need to be completed more frequently. 

I lost something at the rink.  Who can help me?

    Scott Redman (Griff’s IceHouse West Manager) in the main
    office maintains the lost and found.

How do I get involved with a committee?

    Inquire with the committee chair or attend a board meeting
    and volunteer.

How do I become a board member?

    The process is explained in detail in the HHA By-Laws. 
    Please see the full By-Laws under the ABOUT US section of
    this website. 

Who do I talk to if I have a coaching complaint?

    Contact the head coach for ice time and team specific
    complaints.  Our hockey & coaching director Jordan Steger,, can be contacted for other
    coach complaints. (i.e. treatment of players, etc.)

Who do I talk to if I have a code of conduct complaint against another player or coach?

    Contact the Safe Sport Coordinator, Chris Braidwood at or our hockey & coaching
    director, Jordan Steger at

How is playing time decided for the teams?

    By the head coach of each team. 

What is the difference between league and non-league games?

    House level teams play in the Adray Community Hockey
    League. This is a collection of participating hockey
    organizations in both West and East Michigan and provides
    participation in competitive league play.

    The Ice Dogs travel teams compete in the Little Caesars
    Amateur Hockey League.  The makeup of the league and
    divisions change from year to year and are tiered by skill
    and geography.

  Non-league games are schedule by teams to fill out a season
  schedule in both house and travel divisions. 

How can I learn how to run the clock, be a penalty box attendant, and run the scoreboard or music?

    Contact your team manager or coach.  They will be able to
    coordinate the learning process.