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MAHA Update: Call To Action


To All MAHA Association Presidents, Directors & Members:

Please review the attached letter to Governor Whitmer, written on behalf of the Michigan Amateur Hockey Association (MAHA) and its nearly 50,000 statewide participants. This is in response to her impromptu Friday morning press conference, which brought another unexpected (unwelcome) delay to be placed on the ice hockey community. This could push our hockey season back as far as a February 22nd re-start.

This is the latest in what has added up to a nearly year-long disruption in our hockey activity. Despite the risk mitigation measures set forth by USA Hockey, the Michigan Amateur Hockey Association (MAHA), facilities across the state as well as the ongoing compliance of our statewide membership, our hockey community remains unable to compete throughout the state.

Throughout our navigation of the COVID-19 pandemic, our statewide membership has remained passionate and vocal. Collectively, you share our frustrations in the apparent lack of science and data to support the continued pause in our activity. Despite reports of progress in suppressing COVID-19 throughout Michigan, ice hockey remains on a small list of prohibited Winter contact sports. With the introduction of a new Director of the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services (MDHHS), there is a fresh window of opportunity to express your desire to make a safe return to the game we love.  LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD!!

Contact Governor Whitmer:

Michigan State Senators:

Michigan House of Representatives:

These links offer directories to all of our local statewide leadership. There is still an opportunity to preserve our hockey season with the power of our community’s collective voice. There are many Michigan Representatives who are strong advocates for the game of hockey, and they will welcome the support you provide them. These individuals are key influencers whose voices carry all the way through the doors of the Capitol Building, as well as the MDHHS. Let’s take every opportunity to use our collective voice to demand a safe return to play.

It’s the third period… and it’s time for our team (the Michigan hockey community) to come together and secure a victory. LET YOUR VOICES BE HEARD!!


Jason Reynolds

Director of Operations & Marketing

Michigan Amateur Hockey Association

Phone: (734) 748-3707       E-mail:


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