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West Michigan Ice Dogs & HHA


The Holland Hockey Association has a variety of fundraising opportunities throughout the year.  Some fundraisers benefit the organization as a whole.  Some are individually driven and the proceeds go directly to the player's hockey fees. 

These are some of our regular fundraising events:

  • Restaurant Dining Fundraisers
  • Raise Right by Shop with SCRIP (rebate on gift cards)
  • Logo Apparel and Accessory Sales
  • Recycle Can/Bottle Drive (Aug)
  • Annual Fundraiser - Corn Hole Tournament (Aug)
  • Amazon Smile (obsolete)

       * these fundraisers depend on gaining sponsorships

It is also possible for individual teams to hold their own event, such as a Car Wash. Team specific fundraisers are limited in number and must be approved by the HHA Board Fundraising Coordinator.

Fundraising with

RAISE RIGHT (formerly Scrips)

Save money on your individual ice bill by simply doing what you already & eat!  With a little planning, you can save big $ and apply your savings directly to your ice bill*.

       *After the first $50, you earn 100% of the rebate 


Enroll Now:


Ice Dogs
Enrollment Code:

Please contact Jill Roof

Information So You can Plan Ahead:

Physical card orders will be submitted on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month. The orders will be available at the rink the following Wednesday.

Christina Piotrowski

Ice Dogs RAISERIGHT Coordinator (formerly Scrips)

Phone: 989-600-7263